Parish News


  • Archbishop Gustavo has decided to reopen the Churches, you can read the Archbishop’s Decree on our website:
  • As you can imagine, the reopening of the Parish will be done under strict social distancing regulations and sanitizing guidelines.
  • Reopening of the Church will be gradual and depend on the number of volunteers we can find as we need to clean and sanitize before and after each Mass.
  • Please be aware that we will have other safety regulations like, the number of people attending Mass, for now, the maximum amount of people allowed in the Church per Mass will be 63, including the Presider, liturgical ministers and the faithful.
  • We will have pre-arranged seating in the Church so we can guarantee  proper social distancing, the faithful should wear a facemask & bring their own hand-sanitizers, we will have only the essential liturgical ministers and the elderly and sick are still encouraged to stay home, just to name a few.

Weekly Collections

  • We will keep trusting in God’s providence. If you are able to help the Parish, please do so.  You can mail your envelope to the office (no cash please) , use our alms box inside the Church, or use online giving, if you want to consider this, here is the link:
  • A quick recap for you:  St. Leonard’s goal was $370,000.00 and we were supposed to receive back 40% of that, that is $148,000.00 to be able to complete two Parish Projects: Parking Lot improvements ($101,000.00) and Parking Lot Fencing and Gates ($52,000.00). 
  • I am going to ask people on my staff or the members of the Finance Council to reach out to the people who made a pledge  but for whatever reason they were not able to fulfill their donation, - we have around 20 or so-  .  In your charity, and for the sake of accountability & good reporting,  I’d recommend that if you made a pledge but you’re unable to fulfill it,  please call the Office of Development at the Archdiocese and let them know so they can adjust their numbers so they and we can plan accordingly. Thanks.


  • We decided to cancel this year’s Festival. It was supposed to be on Saturday, September 12, 2020 and we were so looking forward to raising necessary funds for the Parish. God willing the new date for the Parish Festival will be on Saturday, September 18, 2021.
Online Giving

Online Giving

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